MoviChip ATF (Auto Tune Fuel) – Let your engine tune itself automatically [DISCONTINUED, GO TO MAF MANAGER]


**The ATF has been superseeded by MAF Manager.**


Why do you need this product?

You want to adjust the fuelling of your engine, easily, quickly and automatically

For example

You want to experiment with different air fuel ratios to give your engine maximum power

You want to change the air fuel ratios set by the factory ECU, for example the car manufacturer has set an ultra conservative air fuel ratio to compensate for poor fuel

You have upgraded the MAF sensor

You want to compensate for engine wear

You want the optimum air fuel ratios to work with your breathing modifications such as intakes & exhausts

You do not want the hassle of tuning the fuelling manually

You have done an engine swap and you want to quickly and easily get the correct air fuel ratio, for example, you have fitted and SR20VE in place of a SR20DE

Why did we make this product?

For the past 6 years or so we have been using the Apexi AFC NEO to tune our engine fuelling.

The product is great but for us it has two main issues.

The first is that it uses TPS against RPM for the fuel map. For simple fuel tuning, this can make tuning time consuming

Second, it does not tune the engine automatically and it does not have a way to interface with a wideband lambda sensor.

The MoviChip ATF massively simplifies the tuning process and makes the tuning process dynamic and fully automated

How does this product work?

Automatic Tuning

The MoviChip ATF like the Apexi AFC NEO adjusts fuelling by altering the MAF signal going to the car’s ECU but we take it a step further with integration with Innovate Motorsport lambda sensors, by making the tuning process automatic ie you select the AFRs you want the MoviChip ATF does the rest and the MoviChip ATF does not require anything to be mounted inside the cabin of the car.

The adjustments are based on “High Load” and “Low Load” with the load signal being taken from a MAP sensor. If your car does not have a MAP sensor from the factory, the MoviChip ATF has an onboard power supply to power an external Bosch MAP sensor

Manual Tuning

If you want to tune manually you can set the MAF scaling values manually. You will still need access to a wideband lambda sensor so you can monitor your air fuel ratios as you adjust the manual values.


Manual scale MAF signal to get the AFRs you want

ATF will automatically tune the fuelling to get the AFRs you choose. Use with an Innovate Motorsport wideband lambda sensor

Gear stabilisation. Choose a fixed MAF signal to send to the ECU under deceleration (slowing down in gear)

MAF Lock. Clamp MAF voltage. Choose the maximum voltage you want to send to the car’s ECU, choose a fixed voltage to send to the ECU when engine is at idle

Instruction Manual

For detailed information on how to use the MoviChip ATF download the instruction manual here

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