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We ship products worldwide (excluding the EU) with registered delivery ie you sign for the product on delivery.

Calculate Your Shipping Cost

To calculate the shipping cost to your country add the product to the shopping cart and select “calculate shipping”

This will give a general cost and is usually accurate.

Confirming Delivery Time & Order Value

MoviChip products are made to order, according to the options selected for the product.

When we receive your order we ill confirm delivery time and order value. We will also send you a payment request from PayPal. If you are not happy with anything (eg shipping cost, delivery time) you are free to cancel. More information on how to order here

Shipping Options

We ship with two methods

Option 1 – Post Office

Option 1 is with post office. We will send with handwritten address label to *try* and reduce chance that the parcel is stopped in customs.


Benefit of this method is import duties and custom charges will be the least possible (although there may still be some).

This is also the cheapest shipping method.


The time it takes. Typical delivery times are around 6 weeks.

Summary – Post Office Shipping

We send with registered delivery. You will sign for the product on delivery.

Shipment will have a tracking number. Accuracy of the tracking data will depend on the local post office.

Option 2 – TNT/FedEx

This option is the quickest. Online price is an estimate, we will confirm price when we receive your order.


Speed. Delivery time is usually around 2 weeks. We will confirm expected delivery time when we receive your order.


Potentially very expensive

There may be extra broker and custom charges when the parcel arrives in your country. This could be a lot of money.

If you want to know the approximate cost of these charges, contact TNT/FedEx in your country.

Summary – TNT/FedEx Shipping

You will sign on delivery. You will have a tracking number. Import duties/taxes/charges could be very expensive.

The price quoted online is an estimate. We will email you to confirm actual cost because remote areas can be more expensive.


All custom duties, taxes, import charges and all costs related to the shipping and importation of the product are the sole responsibility of the customer

Shipping costs are not refundable.

General Information

How to order


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