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MoviChip CamSwitch – Overview

An overview of the MoviChip CamSwitch What the product does The MoviChip CamSwitch allows you to trigger up to two camshafts, which use a 12v activation source, independently and conditionally using up to two 5 volt sensors and RPM From the video – Along the top are the settings menus. RPM, self explanatory, press + or – to set the RPM you want each cam to activate at Same routine with Sensor 1 and Sensor 2. Order of activation Sensor 1 > RPM > Sensor 2 Deactivation When Sensor 1…

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The Apexi AFC NEO and the MOVICHIP POWER TUNER both do the same fundamental thing. They adjust the MAF signal to adjust fuelling APEXI AFC NEO vs MOVICHIP POWER TUNER – KEY DIFFERENCES Mapping Points The Apexi AFC NEO uses throttle position and RPM to adjust the MAF signal. The MOVICHIP POWER TUNER uses engine load only Wideband Lambda Sensor The Apexi AFC NEO cannot connect to a wideband lambda sensor signal The MOVICHIP POWER TUNER integrates with a 0-5v wideband lambda signal Tuning Process The Apexi AFC NEO requires…

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