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MoviChip CamSwitch – Overview

An overview of the MoviChip CamSwitch What the product does The MoviChip CamSwitch allows you to trigger up to two camshafts, which use a 12v activation source, independently and conditionally using up to two 5 volt sensors and RPM From the video – Along the top are the settings menus. RPM, self explanatory, press + or – to set the RPM you want each cam to activate at Same routine with Sensor 1 and Sensor 2. Order of activation Sensor 1 > RPM > Sensor 2 Deactivation When Sensor 1…

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MoviChip Sensor 1 Threshold Setting Set activation threshold for Sensor 1
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New release date for CamSwitch

We have pushed back the release date of CamSwitch until the end of July We want to add an extra feature to the product that makes setting the cam activation settings more intuitive with less input from the user. At the moment the user has to manually enter the cam 2 deactivation threshold but given that cam 2 will always deactivate when cam 1 deactivates we want to make the process automatic. We have made some small changes to the app and also to the main control unit. We need…

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