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MAF Tuning with MoviChip ATF

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What is MAF tuning?

MAF tuning is when you intercept the signal coming from your MAF sensor, alter is by a certain percentage before send the altered signal to your engine’s ECU

MAF tuning with the MoviChip ATF – What does it do?

The MoviChip ATF alters the MAF signal voltage going to your engine’s ECU to adjust the fuelling

The ATF uses two multipliers, specifically low load and high load.

The multipliers can either be manually entered or automatically you can set an AFR target for low load and high load and the ATF will tune the MAF sensor automatically

Manual MAF Tuning

MAF tuning manually using MAF scaling. From the SET menu in the MoviChip ATF app
MAF tuning manually using MAF scaling. From the SET menu in the MoviChip ATF app

Using a wideband lambda sensor to monitor the AFRs, you can enter a low load multiplier and high load multiplier to achieve the AFRs they want/need

Automatic MAF Tuning

Using an Innovate Motorsports wideband lambda sensor, you can set the AFR you want at low load and high load and the ATF will automatically and dynamically alter the scaling value as you drive the vehicle.

Save time & money because you no longer need to drive the vehicle to get a datalog, download the datalog to your analysis software, make changes manually and repeat the process to fine tune your scaling. The MoviChip ATF automatically fine tunes your scaling as you drive by using the load data from your MAP sensor and data from the Innovate Motorsports wideband lambda sensor.

This makes the tuning process effectively instant and ensures the scaling is correct all of the time.

MAF Tuning – Why do it?

You have made breathing modifications to your engine eg intake, intercooler, cat back exhaust

You have changed the MAF sensor to a different model and/or different size of MAF sensor

You have changed the size of your injectors

What are the limits of MAF tuning

Anything more than the above modifications eg bigger turbo, different camshafts will require a more in-depth re-tune of the engine than just scaling the MAF sensor, the ignition timing will also need to be altered to get the most from big modifications.

Buy the MoviChip ATF online here and to see the MoviChip ATF in action

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