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BOV Gearchange Fuelling – MAF Signal Stabilisation

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The MoviChip ATF allows you to control your fuelling during gearchanges. Especially useful for cars fitted with an aftermarket BOV (blow off valve) and a factory MAF sensor

Gear Stabilisation for BOVs – How to set it up

MAP Menu GEAR Stabilisation – Setting the MAP sensor percentage which is slightly below the lowest percentage you ever see at idle.

MAF Menu GEAR Stabilisation – Set the voltage to anything you choose, in an ideal world, monitor the MAF signal during gearchanges with the ORIGINAL recirculating valve. Pick a percentage in this range and enter it as the MAF voltage. Obviously a fixed voltage will not exactly represent what was happening with the factory valve but it will be a lot closer than what it is without controlling the MAF signal

DEFINITION of Gearchange – Throttle closed, engine at 2000RPM+

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