MoviChip MAF Manager – In Development – Expected Release Date end of March 2019

We are putting the finishing touches to the MoviChip ATF2. The ATF2 will replace the original ATF

Our 2 key goals with the ATF2

  1. Faster response
  2. Smoother

For information on the capabilities of this product, check the ATF product page. The ATF2 will be very similar features wise, the main differences will be with the internal hardware

We expect the ATF2 to be ready end of March 2019


MAF Manager – This product is an evolution of the ATF

RESPONSE – Whenever you put a layer of processing into a signal stream you introduce a delay. Even though this was not an issue with the original ATF, we thought it could be faster and faster is never a bad thing!

SMOOTHER – At idle, air fuel ratio mixtures can be slightly unstable, by making response times faster we have made the idle more accurate and almost imperceptibly smoother.

We are excited to complete the optimsitation of the MAF Manager and have the first units ready to ship. We are expecting this to happen end of March 2019

If you want to register your interest in the MAF Manager and reserve your unit, send us a message here