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Lap Timer Updates – Location Accuracy & GPS Fix Time

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Screenshot of MoviChip GPS lap timer app

Both MoviChip GPS lap timer apps have been updated for faster acquisition of GPS signal on startup and better location accuracy.

Why the Change? What was the Problem?

The acquisition of a location signal, after the app was started, could be unpredictable and could take some time, with no feedback from the app as to when the signal would be acquired. This was less than ideal especially if time was short.

The Changes

Two buttons have been added to Time Trial Basic v3 and Time Trial EVO vE (Version “E”) to turn location on and off manually. Before the connection to location providers was done in the background. Now the GPS “On” button must be pressed for the app to start receiving the location data. Location must be set to on in the phone settings.


Having a physical button massively speeds up the process of signal acquisition and increases the accuracy of the signal received. The app now chooses the most accurate signal instead of the Android device deciding what location data the lap timer app will use.

In our testing, the location acquisition now takes less than 10 seconds (assuming Location is already on in the Android phone/tablet) in almost all circumstances and the accuracy* of the location signal, assuming we have some sky visible to the device, is better than 5 meters.

Away from building we regularly see accuracy of 1-2 meters. In town, surrounded by 4-5 storey buildings, we are seeing better than 10 meter accuracy.

Previously, if the Android device had chosen to use something than other than GPS for the location information, location accuracy could be in the ten’s of meters if not more. Whereas before the user may have had to manually adjust the location settings inside the settings of the phone, this is now done by simply switching GPS on in the app.


The new method for connecting to the GPS location signal should also improve compatibility and/or accuracy with phones whose manufacturers have not put good GPS accuracy high in their list of priorities. Some Android phone manufacturers may not prioritise GPS signals to increase battery life.

Existing Users

These updates are available free, to all existing users of MoviChip GPS lap timer apps. Visit the download page of your product and you will see the new version of your app available to download.

IMPORTANT – Existing Data

While these updates are eh.. updates, we have added them as new apps inside the product in the MoviChip shop. This means lap location and time data will not be transferred to the new app, route & lap locations will have to be entered again.

If you are happy with the performance of your existing timer app, there is no reason to update.

Again, the changes are solely related to how quickly the app acquires a location signal when it is started. And the accuracy of the signal. If you are seeing similar accuracy numbers to the ones I listed above, then again, there is no reason to update to the new app, although you are more than welcome to.

NOTE: “Location” of the device must be switched on for the apps to receive location data. Usually pulling down from the top of the screen will bring up the options where you can find Location.

*As reported by the Android operating system

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