Electronic Solutions for Motorsport


We manufacturer electronic solutions for motorsport.

Our Solutions

At the time of writing MoviChip produces and distributes the following products:

Time Trial – GPS lap timer for Android devices.

CamSwitch – Activation of up to two 12 volt circuits using up to two 5 volt sensors and rpm. Primarily designed for camshaft activation on engines where cams are triggered by a 12 volt signal eg Nissan VVL. Can also be used on any system that needs a 12v trigger but please read the instruction manual to determine if the product is suitable for your situation.

MAF ManagerMAF scaling device. When the user needs to alter the MAF signal according to three engine loads. User specifies the MAF scaling and the load points.

Who are our products for?

Our products are for people who:

-Are knowledgeable of vehicle electronic and mechanical systems

-Want a customisable product which they can tune to solve their particular problem.

-Are familiar with automotive wiring

Who should not use our products?

Our products are not designed for people who are looking for:

-A product which requires no knowledge about vehicle systems and how they operate

-A plug-and-play product. Our products need to be wired into the car by the end user. Permanent or temporary, it is entirely up to the end user.

-A product that is pre-programmed/tuned out of the box. Our products need tuning by the end user. The end user needs to be familiar with the system they are working with and the effects of altering the way that system operates.

-A product for use on road cars. Our products are for off-highway/off-road/motorsport use only.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give drivers & engineers, fit and forget, intelligent solutions

You tell the product what you want to achieve and when, the software takes care of the rest.

MoviChip are advanced products which gives the user massive flexibility. If the products are not setup properly there is potential for catastrophic damage to the systems being controlled.

The purchaser of the MoviChip products assumes all responsibilities for the effects of using this product. MoviChip can not be held accountable for this misuse of its products.

If you would like to know when we release new solutions, add your name to our mailing list. We do not share your details with anyone.

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