MoviChip MAF Manager (NEW) – With Bare Connector & Crimps


What does the MoviChip MAF Manager do?

MAF Sensor Scaling

It allows you to scale the MAF sensor signal according to engine load ie MAP sensor signal. If your car does not have a MAP sensor from the factory the MAF Manager has an onboard power supply to power an external MAP sensor.


At idle you want to reduce the MAF sensor signal by 10% At medium load you want to reduce the MAF sensor signal by 3% At full load you want to increase the MAF sensor signal by 4%

How do I do the scaling?

Two options

1.You set a fixed amount of scaling for the three different load points. You set the load points using the MAF Manager Android App. You also set the scaling of the MAF signal at the load points using the MAF Manager Android App. You can set the scaling from 0.5 (50% reduction in MAF signal) to 1.5 (50% increase in MAF signal)

2.You connect the MAF manager to a wideband lambda sensor (we strongly recommend Innovate Motorsports). You set your target AFR for each of the three load points, after the engine is up to temperature the MAF Manager will automatically adjust the MAF scaler to achieve the AFR you want.

Is there anything else the MAF Manager can do?

-You can set a ceiling on the maximum MAF voltage you want to send to the car’s ECU from 4 volts to 5 volts

-You can send a fixed MAF signal voltage to the car’s ECU when the engine load (from MAP sensor signal) drops below a certain level

-Under high vacuum ie lifting off throttle at high rpm, you can send a fixed MAF sensor voltage to the car’s ECU (this option should not be used on a normally operating engine)

Can I use the MAF Manager with my MAF sensor?

If your MAF sensor works by sending a 0-5 volt signal to the car’s ECU you can use MAF Manager.

MAF Manager will not work with any other type of MAF sensor eg frequency based

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-A wideband lambda sensor with a 0-5 volt signal output to connect to the AutoMAF (for live automatic tuning)

-An Android smartphone with Bluetooth (to run the MAF Manager Android App)

For all vehicles we recommend having a way to monitor the lambda sensor when you are driving be it a gauge or through a smartphone


-Control Unit which mounts in the engine bay
-Connector (with crimps for you to create your own wiring loom)
-Android App
-Wiring Pin Out Guide for connector

What Else Do I Need?

Cables to make your loom
Crimping tool
Android device with Bluetooth connection
Electrical connectors to splice/intercept cars wiring

MAF Manager – What do I need to do to get the product up and running?

-Install the MoviChip MAF Manager Android App on your phone
-Make up your wiring loom using the pinout guide
-Connect the unit the car
-Turn on car’s ignition
-Form the setting menu on you Android device, pair your device with the MAF Manager
-Open MAF Manager app
-Set your load points
-Set your approximate MAF scaling values

If you want to use the auto tune feature continue below, if not you are done!

-Set your target AFR values
-Switch the auto tuning feature on

If you want to use the MAF lock feature

-Set your Max MAF signal
-Set the load point for fixed idle MAF signal output (if you only want to set the max MAF value set this value as 0)
-Set the fixed MAF output signal

MAF Manager is an evolution of the ATF


RESPONSE – Whenever you put a layer of processing into a signal stream you introduce a delay. Even though this was not an issue with the original ATF, we thought it could be faster and faster is never a bad thing!

SMOOTHER – At idle, air fuel ratio mixtures can be slightly unstable, by making response times faster we have made the idle more accurate and almost imperceptibly smoother.

We are excited to complete the optimsitation of the MAF Manager and have the first units ready to ship.

Delivery Time

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Android App

Click the link to download the MAF Manager App (You must have the MAF Manager product for the app to work)