GPS Lap Timer with Live Splits – Android – MoviChip Time Trial (not available on Google Play)


Like anyone who wants to record their lap times on a trackday, I tried the most popular lap timers on Google Play

Unfortunately having live splits appear on the phone as you drive around the lap (like the lap time in Gran Turismo) seemed to be difficult to find

We tried Track Addict and RaceChrono but while these lap timer apps looked great, they seemed unnecessarily complicated for something as simple as timing a laps

So we came up with our own app, MoviChip Time Trial. You put in your start point, finish point and at least one split point and that’s it. Once you have a best lap stored, every time you start a new lap and pass the split point, your time up to that point will be shown on the screen as plus or minus versus the best lap.


MoviChip Time Trial is designed to be the same lap timer as in Gran Turismo. But for real ife.

As you pass the split point (chosen by you) the screen will show if you are plus or minus your fastest lap up to that point.

We are making this app free at the moment, let us know what you think and if you find any bugs, enjoy!