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MOVICHIP – Our Philosophy

CYBERNETICS – Cybernetics is applicable when a system being analyzed incorporates a closed signaling loop”

Our MISSION: Ingenious Solutions through Intelligent Automation

The aftermarket automotive & motorsport industry is awash with products which attempt to improve the performance of vehicles.

But we would class most of these products as dumb

Specifically they do not utilise any kind of feedback mechanism.

At MoviChip we use feedback mechanisms to make our products intelligent. You tell the product what you want to achieve, the product make the adjustments to make it a reality. No fine tuning required by the user.

How can we do this?

By identifying what sensors are required to achieve your goals and implementing a system which can use those sensors intelligently, whether it be getting you the fuel mixtures you need for engine tuning or intercooler outlet temperature for intercooler sprayers.

MoviChip products do the experimentation and adaption automatically, you tell the product the result you want, the MoviChip product will achieve your goal or as close as it can given the conditions.


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