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Improve GPS Accuracy in Android – HOW-TO

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By over-riding some default settings in Android we can improve GPS accuracy. This is how to do it.

Battery Conservation – GPS Tracking

By default Android cycles GPS tracking on and off to conserve battery. For most users this is fine as this cycling happens every second so. More than good enough for navigation.

But if you are using a lap timer app like Time Trial 2 Basic or Time Trial 2 EVO, we want to measure location as accurately as possible, preferably down to tenths of a second.

The good news is we can turn off this duty cycling so the Android device can constantly receive GPS data.

In our experience and according to the Android operating system, by turning off duty-cycling for GPS tracking, we can get down to 1-2 meter accuracy. 60 mph is 26 meters per second, tracking to 1-2 meter at speeds like this, should give us very good GPS accuracy.

Improving GPS Accuracy – The Method

We need to activate Developer Options in our Android device. Go to Settings>About Phone. Click on the build number at least 7 times to activate Developer Options.

Go to Settings>Additional Settings>Developer Options. Somewhere on the screen will be the option “Force Full GNSS Measurements”. Activate that and the duty-cycling when receiving GPS data will stop. The device will constantly track GPS data, leading hopefully, to more accurate location data and therefore more accurate lap times.

Further Reading – Android GPS

There is an article here which goes into a bit more detail on what is exactly happening when the phone is cycling it’s reception of GPS data.

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