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GPS Lap Timer – What Does “GPS Accuracy” Mean?

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Screenshot of MoviChip GPS lap timer app

MoviChip lap timer apps (Basic, EVO) have different accuracy settings ranging from 2 (most accurate) to 12 for the GPS.

But what does this mean?

The lower the number, the closer the Android device needs to be to the split point and start/finish line before the point is registered.

Why Change Accuracy from “2”?

Two reasons.

If the racing line is extremely wide. Perhaps it is possible to pass the point but so far away from programmed GPS point that the point is not being registered by the app.

Split point and/or start finish line passed at extremely high speed. If the speed across the split point is fast enough, it’s possible the GPS sensor in the Android device won’t update while you are in the area of the timing point.

The result being the point is not registered by the app. How likely this is to happen depends on the GPS sensor, the Android device and quality of the GPS signal.

Where to start – What GPS Setting?

I think we’d recommend starting with the number “2” for accuracy and see how that works. If you see the lap timer is not getting the timing points every time, first I’d check the programmed timing points for accuracy, and if they check out then reduce the location accuracy in the app to 4.

We want to run the lower setting possible in the accuracy settings.

MoviChip GPS Lap Timer – GPS Accuracy Settings

NOTE: When the MoviChip GPS lap timer apps are opened they will always default to “2” accuracy.

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