Time Trial 2 EVO – Lap Timer App for Android


This is a lap timer app inspired by Gran Turismo, you get live splits as you drive around the lap/along the route with an indication of how far up or down you are, versus your fastest lap.

TT2EVO Features

Industry leading clarity – Super easy to read lap/split difference. Big font, bright colours.
Live split updates as splits are crossed
Sector Delta – Last sector +/- sector on best lap
Accuracy +/- 0.5* seconds versus Racelogic Performance Box
Average accuracy +/- 0.17* seconds versus Racelogic Performance Box
Time laps
Time routes/stages (start finish in different location)
GPS points added manually with raw coordinates
Up to 3 split points

TT2EVO Benefits

Big Display – A glance is all you need to understand if you are faster or slower than your best.
Speedo – Overlay lap data onto video
Cost Effective – Fraction of the cost of Racelogic Performance Box
Accuracy – More accurate* than Track Addict
Easy to enter custom tracks and routes – No need to be at the location. Save time at the track/stage. Be ready when you get there.

Why did we make this lap timer app?

Short answer, we couldn’t find an app that met our requirements

Our Requirements

  • We wanted an app that would give us the difference as we cross each split in real time.
  • We wanted an app that was easy to read at a glance
  • We wanted an app where we could enter route GPS details in advance, easily
  • We wanted accuracy
  • Easy to use

In effect we wanted a similar lap timer to that on Gran Turismo. While we could find apps that did one or more of these things, what we couldn’t find was a lap timer app that did all of them. For this reason we decided to build our own.

Lap Timer App Comparison

  Time Trial 2 BASIC Time Trial 2 EVO
Accuracy* +/- 1.5 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds
Average Accuracy* +/- 1.5 seconds +/- 0.17 seconds
Live Split Update Yes Yes
Colour Indication Yes Yes
Live Timer Yes Yes
Speedometer Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes
Altimeter Accuracy^ +/-10meters +/-10meters
RAW GPS Input Yes Yes
Price Free Paid

Time Trial 2 EVO – App Permissions

Phone storage – To store times, laps and routes
Location – To access GPS signal. Phone may also ask for Cell Network & WiFi access permission if location settings on the phone use WiFi and cell signals


*Depicts accuracy we achieved vs Racelogic Performance Box during our internal testing. Your results may differ according to your phone’s mounting location and weather conditions

^This is the standard accuracy quoted for Android devices. We have not tested the accuracy against a know accurate altimeter.

Verification testing of Time Trial 2 EVO accuracy

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TT Videos

Videos demonstrating the set up and use of the MoviChip Time Trial Android Apps

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