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UPDATE – Ignition Timing Manager – Knock Sensor Integration

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Ignition Timing Manager teaser screenshot

EDIT 27/5/2020: We have decided not to integrate knock sensor control into this product. Click here for the latest development news on this product

A quick update on the Ignition Manager product. For background info click here

We have a prototype up and running. At the moment it can advance and retard ignition timing by 10 degrees. We are going to put an option in the product to allow plus or minus 20 degrees but this will change timing in two degree steps.

As it stands at the moment the prototype works with ignition systems that receive a single ignition signal from the car’s ECU. The car’s ignition coil then distributes the spark.

The next step will be for the prototype Ignition Manager to receive up to four ignition signals and for the prototype itself to distribute the spark. This will make the Ignition Manager compatible with coil on plug (smart coils) systems on four cylinder engines.

Now we are at the stage of integrating the product with a knock sensor, the goal being to make the tuning process automated ie fit the product and it will find the optimum ignition settings automatically ie setting the maximum possible ignition timing without the engine knocking.

For the knock sensor integration we will need to write software for the product to understand the signals coming from the knock sensor. At the moment I am thinking this process is going to take around 2 months because we first have to find a suitable knock sensor and then write the software for it.

In summary.

We have a prototype up and running which can advance and retard ignition timing by up to 10 degrees.

We are now working on knock sensor integration to automate the tuning process. EDIT: 27.5.2020 This plan has changed, click here for the latest news on this product

After that we will work on making the system compatible with coil on plug ignition systems and

also increase the amount of timing adjustment the product will give the user.

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