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Custom Diesel Tuning Box – New Product (Possibly)

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Would you be interested in a universal & customisable diesel tuning box?

We are mulling over the possibility of manufacturing a custom tuning box for diesel engines.

If you are not familiar with tuning boxes, they are a plug and play device which intercept’s sensor signals to increase an engine’s power.

On diesel engines a tuning box will intercept the pressure signal from the fuel rail pressure sensor and on more complex applications also intercept the boost pressure signals from the MAP sensor (or sensors if the car has two).

Traditional tuning boxes will either come with one fixed program or a number of programs built in which the user selects by simply pressing up and down buttons on the case or by turning a potentiometer on the product to choose different settings.

The MoviChip tuning box would be completely customisable by the customer. ie the customer can set how much the sensor signals are manipulated by and according to two rpm points ie low rpm and high rpm, defined by the user

If we were to make this product it would be universal like our other products. ie either supplied with bare connectors for the customer to make the wiring loom or with a pre-populated connector.

Either way the customer would either source their own connectors to plug into the vehicles wiring or wire the cables into the cars original wiring with splicing, universal connectors etc

MoviChip Tuning Box – The negatives over a traditional mass market plug-and-play tuning box


Obviously the wiring will take longer as we will not supply the connectors.

Either the customer makes their own wiring loom if they wish to be able to take the product on and off the car easily

Or the customer wires it into the car for a permanent installation

Off road use only

The MoviChip product would be intended for off road/motorsport use only


The plug and play tuning boxes come pre-programmed, our product will need to be mapped by the engine user from scratch.

MoviChip Tuning Box – The benefits over a plug and play tuning box


The end user can experiment with different maps for the sensor manipulation. Off the shelf tuning boxes are designed for standard engines if you have modified the engine with breathing mods eg intake kit, bigger intercooler, bigger injectors, a custom solution will help you get the most from these parts.


You will know exactly what changes are being made to the signals whereas with normal tuning boxes, manufacturers rarely if ever give details of what their product is doing.

Tuning boxes on standard engines

Honestly, I think the mainstream tuning box manufacturers will have a good map in their products for standard engines and I think if you are looking for a tuning box solution for a standard engine I don’t think the product we are proposing would offer any major benefits when it comes to peak power gains.

If on the other hand you have modified the engine as I talked about above or if you want to be able to alter the power delivery to suit your application then this is where I think the MoviChip product would come in.

Tuning box resolution

At the moment we are thinking of having 6 cell resolution ie a 2×3 table for each sensor. Three settings for low rpm and three settings for high rpm.

We are under no illusions, there are universal products on the market which have higher resolution for the maps than six points, however these products cost considerably more than the price point we would be targeting.

MoviChip Tuning box pricing

If we were to go ahead with this type of product the price point would be around 195 euro ex VAT

The MoviChip tuning box would be targeted at the user who wants to be able to customise the power delivery of their engine over and above what a traditional tuning box offers and/or an end user, who has lightly modified their vehicle, the ability to have control over the sensor manipulation process.

As I said, we are trying to gauge how much demand there would be for this type of tuning box ie

-has to be tuned by the customer

-race/motorsport/track use only

-has to be wired by the customer

If this is something of interest to you or your customers please send us a quick email to let us know you are interested and/or if you want more information about this potential product

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