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NEW PRODUCT – MAF Manager Rivazza Edition

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Rivazza Edition. Combined AFR target and scaling menu. Load on right column, RPM across top.

Rivazza Edition. Combined AFR target and scaling menu. Load on right column, RPM across top.

We have a new product in the pipeline. It is called the MAF Manager “Rivazza Edition”, it is a more advanced version of the MAF Manager.

What is the purpose of the MAF Manager products?

To optimise the fueling of an engine by altering the MAF sensor signal.

MAF Manager products allow for manual tuning of the MAF signal and also automatic tuning of the MAF signal if the unit is connected to the analog output of a wideband lambda sensor eg Innovate Motorsports.

In this configuration you simply set the AFRs you want at the load points you choose, the MAF Manager increases or decreases the MAF sensor signal to achieve the target you have set.

No dyno required.

Rivazza Edition – The Differences

The Rivazza Edition will have the same functionality as the MAF Manager but with more resolution. The MAF Manager has three multiplier points, the Rivazza Edition will have fifteen.

The Rivazza Edition will use a slightly different interface to the MAF Manager, the main difference will be the combining of the AFR Targets and the Multiplier values onto one page of the app.

This will make it easy to compare the multiplier values you have entered into the App manually against the adjustments the Rivazza software has made while driving (if you are using the auto tune function).

What are the benefits of the Rivazza Edition over the normal MAF Manager?

The main and only difference between the base MAF Manager and the Rivazza Edition will be the tuning resolution, three points versus fifteen.

Nissan VVL

On engines which have a noticeable step in volumetric efficiency eg Nissan VVL we can preempt the cam change by setting a different MAF scaling value at the point the cam is activated.

Aftermarket Intakes

Where we have changed the intake system it is possible the MAF sensor is no longer as accurate because it’s position in the air flow/in the intake pipe has been altered. Having a higher tuning resolution helps compensate for this variation in air flow.

If you think three steps of adjustment is enough for your needs, by all means choose the base MAF Manager product, if you think it would be beneficial to map the MAF sensor signal according to RPM as well as load, choose the Rivazza Edition.

Development Stage

At the moment we have a prototype Rivazza Edition up and running with zero issues.

The circuit boards for the product are in production at the moment


The price of the Rivazza Edition will be more than the base MAF Manager.

This reflects the increase in the size and complexity of the software in the unit and the new Android App. At the moment we are targeting a retail price excluding VAT of 245 Euro.

The Rivazza Edition will have the same features as the MAF Manager ie MAF Lock, limiting the maximum voltage the unit can send to the car’s ECU, and setting a floor on the minimum voltage that the unit will send to the car’s ECU.

Release Date

We expect this product to be ready for shipping mid February. We will be uploading videos to the website and our YouTube channel over the next few weeks to show the interface and to give an introduction to the product in action.

General Information

How to order


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