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CamSwitch3 Now Shipping

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It took a bit longer than we expected but the CamSwitch3 is now shipping.

As we mentioned in the last update the CamSwitch3 builds on the two previous iterations, CamSwitch and CamSwitch 2.


The app has had a light refresh, a little bit cosmetic and the settings setup are more foolproof than before. For example it was possible to to set the thresholds for Relay 1/Cam 1 to be lower than Relay 2/Cam 2. This has been fixed for CamSwitch3. If for some reason you what to reverse the order of the things you need triggered, just switch the wiring around. Wire the device/cam that you want to activate first to Relay 1.


The RPM function has be tidied up. Now you just need to select how many spark signals you have per engine revolution ie 1,2 or 4. Still maximum 5 volt input signal.

On the hardware front, the switching setup has been simplified and improved, nothing noticeable to the end user but the mechanism will switch on and off faster and uses less components.

Voltages & Current

The voltages inputs and outputs and current handling remains the same.

Maximum 5 volt sensor input

Maximum 5 volt RPM signal

Maximum 3 amp relay load. (If you need more use the signal from the CamSwitch 3 to trigger and external relay)

Input power, 12-15 volt, fused inline with 1 amp fuse.

You can find out more & buy the CamSwitch3 here

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