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New Case Design

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We are rolling out a new case design. This case design will be used for all MoviChip products.

Why The Change?

Flat top and rear


The new case design lets you stack multiple MoviChip units on top of one another. The previous case have a sloping top which made it difficult to securely mount multiple units together.


The new unit is slightly narrower which always helps in tight engine bays!

Same connector. Two screws to access


The previous unit had ribs running along the top and the rear edge of the unit was very thin. The new case is flat on top and flat at the rear. The rear is also the same height as the front.

The flat top and rear makes it easier to mount the unit/s securely.


For those of you who need to gain access to the board inside, for example to remove the Bluetooth module after your have programmed the settings, the new unit is opened with only two screws, as opposed to four on the previous design. The screws on the new unit are also larger (The previous screws were quite small and fiddly).

What Hasn’t Changed?

The product inside, the wiring and the boards themselves are exactly the same.

The Old Case

If you would still like to receive the previous design of case, for example you want it to match the unit you have already, we have stock of the old cases.

If we see you have ordered previous products we will email you when we get your new orders to ask you which case you prefer. You can also email us to request the old case design with your order.

General Information

How to order


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