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What to look for in an intercooler water sprayer

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We sell an Intercooler Water Spray Controller that can control an intercooler water sprayer.

But which intercooler sprayer kit do we recommend?

What do you need to look for when you choose an intercooler water sprayer?

At the time of writing the best kit we have found is by CollingMist UK. You can find this kit here

Why do recommend the Cooling Mist kit?

Nozzles. There are kits on the market which use windscreen washer jets. We do not recommend these kits. Washer jets simply spray too much water. We recommend kits which use nozzles designed to be use with high water pressure, 35psi+ and with jet/nozzle outlets less than 1mm in diameter.

Pump. Water pressure is far more important than flow. The higher the pressure the better but anything over 35PSI is good. Pressures over 100 PSI allow excellent atomisation but can reduce the reliability of plumbing connections if installation not perfect.

Piping/Tanks. The easiest type of installation will use the existing windscreen washer tank but this also limits the possible locations of the pump. If using the original tank you will probably need to mount the pump below the level of the tank. Kits supplied with their own tank increase the mounting location options but also add to the complexity. I think we would go for using the original washer tank. They are usually massive and have a level indicator.

A good length of hosing, 5 meters plus, increases the mounting options.

The CoolingMist kit features high pressure nozzles & it has a high pressure pump, over 120PSI maybe more than is needed but it also uses an external tank which for us is a slight negative.

The kit is not perfect, but it is the best we have found so far. Maybe we will put together our own kit to match our priorities….. subscribe to the newsletter if you want to get updates 😉

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