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Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Android – HOW-TO

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This article covers the process for connecting Android to Bluetooth enabled devices. The example covers MoviChip products but I believe the process is the same for all Android devices.

Step 1 – Connecting Android to Bluetooth

Ignore Android app. Do not open the app which controls the Bluetooth device. If it is open already close it.

Step 2

Turn on the Bluetooth device and ensure it’s Bluetooth function ins enabled.

Step 3

Turn Bluetooth on, on the Android device

Step 4

Go to settings of the Android device. Find the Bluetooth device you want to connect to and pair your Android device with it. Follow whatever instructions you are given.

Step 5

Open the app for your Bluetooth device. Go to the section where it says connect and connect.

If the device does not show in the app, go to permissions of the Android device and check the app is visible/allows connection to external devices.

Step 6

Your Android device should now be connected with the Bluetooth device.

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