Intercooler Spray Manager (ISM) – 3D Water Spray Controller


Automate your intercooler water sprayer. If you are using a manual intercooler sprayer you know how difficult it is to get the water to last and how spraying the intercooler is a hit and miss exercise.

The Intercooler Spray Manager lets you decide under what conditions you want to spray water onto the intercooler (eg intercooler outlet temp, ambient temp, MAP sensor, MAF sensor, TPS basically any 0-5v source) and how often you want to spray water onto the intercooler under these conditions (eg on for 0.5 seconds with a 30 second gap between spray events).

By controlling when and for how long water is sprayed onto the intercooler, the effectiveness of the spray can be maximised at the same time the water can be made to last much longer, a win-win situation.

And this is all done automatically behind the scenes, you just have to remember to refill the water tank.



2 x 0-5 Volt  – Analog (eg MAP, MAF, TPS, Temp)

1 x 0-5 Volt – Timing Signal


1 x 0-15 Volt – Solenoid, 5 amp MAX

1 x 0-15 Volt – Water Pump, 5 amp MAX


Duty Cycle

-Dual stage & 3D user programmable duty cycles

-Set “low” duty cycle for normal conditions/driving

-Set “higher” duty cycle for higher temperatures/qualifying

Duty Cycle Programming

Set “on time” from 0-1.5 seconds in half second steps

Set “off time” from 3-120 seconds


“Low” duty cycle: On time 0.5 second, off time 100 seconds, when MAP sensor over 50% and RPM over 3000RPM.

“High” duty cycle: On time 1 second, off time 20 seconds, when MAP sensor goes above 80% and RPM goes over 5000RPM


Better cooling because we are not saturating the surface of the intercooler

Make water last longer because, again, we are not saturating the surface of the intercooler

No distraction for the driver, the unit controls the spraying process completely automatically. The tank just need to be refilled.


Does It Include The Pump, Jets, Hoses etc?

No. The MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager is an ECU designed to enhance the capability of intercooler spray kits which are already on the market and use 12v signal to trigger the pumps.

Here is a guide for making your own, high quality, DIY intercooler water sprayer

How Is It Programmed?

Using the MoviChip ISM Android App you program the unit wirelessly.

Once you have found the best settings for you, close the app and the ISM will work in the background every time you drive the car, spraying the intercooler at the times and conditions you have chosen in the app.

What Is Included With The MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager (ISM)

-Android App (downloaded from the website)
-ISM control unit
-Optional wiring loom

What Else Do I Need?

-An intercooler sprayer kit.
-Electrical accessories, connectors and tools to wire the ISM into your car’s wiring loom.

Where is the Manual?

Download the user manual from the “Manual” tab on the product page.

Intercooler Spray Manager – Installation

You don’t need to run any wires into the cabin, the ISM unit is mounted in the engine bay and the settings are altered wirelessly via Bluetooth and an Android equipped smartphone. This also removes the need to fit devices inside the cabin like buttons, and throttle position switches. The MoviChip ISM massively simplifies the installation of intercooler water sprayer kit and does not need any holes or mounts to be put on the dashboard

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