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Update – Ignition Timing Manager

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Unfortunately we have abandoned development of the product for tuning ignition timing, Ignition Timing Manager.

For all those people who had expressed an interest in the product and were waiting for news, we are sorry to let you down.

The product has been in development for over two years so it is a big disappointment to have that work not lead to finished product.

What happened

Here is a brief summary of what happened and why we decided to stop the project.


We had a final prototype up and running for around 3 months but we couldn’t get the accuracy of the timing to where we wanted it.

We use an unconventional technique for timing control and despite our efforts we could not achieve the ignition timing accuracy that we wanted, with the hardware we had planned to use.

Our approach relied much more heavily on software than conventional techniques, the goal being to make the installation of the product easier than conventional products. Unfortunately our approach reached the limits of the hardware. We only discovered this issue during real world testing.

Our original plan for the product was to have a completely automated solution for tuning ignition timing. Early on in the development we realised combining knock sensor control and ignition timing control was going to exceed the capabilities of the hardware we were planning to use, so we dropped knock sensor control from the product.

We persevered with the development because we still believed the product had something to offer in terms of ease of installation and in tuning but alas we bumped into the hardware limitation I detailed above.


We could always upgrade the hardware with the view of again producing a product that fully automates ignition timing tuning but this will cause the price of the product to increase a lot over what we had planned and I don’t think the product would be commercially viable at the price I think we would need to charge.

And this is what led to the decision to stop development of this product.

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