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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Intercooler Spray Manager – An ECU upgrade for your intercooler

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We have started development of an ECU which will automate the operation of a manual intercooler water sprayer, for example the DEI or Devil’s Own intercooler sprayer (or even a sprayer you made yourself!)

This product is not an intercooler water sprayer kit, this product is an ECU which automates an intercooler water sprayer kit. You need to have an intercooler sprayer before you can use the MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager.

What is the issue with manual spray activation?

The driver has to constantly monitor engine parameters to spray the intercooler at the correct time, this is effectively impossible in a race environment.

With the MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager you enter the conditions under which you want to the intercooler to be sprayed and for how long you want the intercooler to be sprayed. Our Intercooler Spray Manager then works in the background spraying your intercooler at the times you have chosen.


Like all MoviChip products to this point, the unit is mounted in the engine bay (no need to run wires from the engine bay into the cabin) and you connect and program the unit with Bluetooth using the Android App.

Spray Settings

The Intercooler Spray Manager (ISM) works in 3D and sequentially ie you can trigger your sprayer using up to three dimensions/sensors and trigger up to two pumps/nozzles independently and sequentially.

For example.

You want to trigger the first nozzle when the MAP sensor signal is over 50%, when RPM is over 4000 and when the temperature sensor signal is over 60%.

And you want to trigger the second nozzle when the MAP sensor signal is over 70%, when RPM is over 4500 and when the temperature signal is over 70%

You can also choose the duty cycle of the nozzle ie how long it sprays for and how long you want the gap between spray events.

Easier Installation

Because the ISM is self contained in the engine bay and because the ISM controls your water sprayer it makes it much easier to install your intercooler sprayer on your car.

You don’t need to run any wires from the engine bay into the cabin of the car, you don’t need to mount a button inside the car and you don’t need to mount a WOT trigger switch on your throttle pedal.

With the MoviChip ISM, everything can be contained in the engine bay and even though engine bays can be cramped, they still have a lot more room than the inside of a car, especially when you want a stealth install!


We have created a product page here which we will update when we have new information and specs on the product plus screenshots of the app as we build it. You will also be able to order from this page when the product is ready to ship.

We are aiming for a release date in the fourth quarter of 2020. If you want to keep up to date with the development of this product, subscribe to our newsletter here

We will also be writing articles about intercooler water spraying in general which can hopefully help you get the most out of your intercooler sprayer set up in general. Again, subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive these tech articles in your inbox.

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