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KSC2 Product & Orders Update

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There is now a fix for the KSC2 which will be applied to all future units shipped out

What was the problem?

As stated in previous updates, the KSC2 unit would constantly output a 12v signal which may or may not have been cured by restarting the unit

The cause

The problem was caused when the unit detected knock for extended periods of time ie 30 seconds plus per event and when there was a relatively large load (over 0.5 amps) being driven by the 12 volt circuit. This led to the switch in the Knock Sensor Controller (KSC2) to overheat.

Realistically the conditions which led to the problem are not something that should be encountered on a properly operating engine ie an engine should not be constantly knocking for extended periods of time. The fact that the 12v circuit “failed” safe ie powering the visual/audio notification circuit was preferable to the circuit not being powered at all.


Existing KSC2 users will be informed via email what they can do to prevent this issue.

There are two options.

1.Users will be informed what part they need to fix this issue. They can then source the required part locally.


2.MoviChip can ship out the required part free of charge.


KSC2 deliveries are now ready to resume.

Customers whose order is on hold will receive their order delivery time and payment request via email. These emails will be staggered over the course of next week (week commencing 9.1.23) starting with the orders which were made first.

Note: Orders whose payment is received first will take priority over the original order date.


Apologies again to all customers whose order has been delayed. The issue with the product was not as problematic as first thought (due to the conditions causing the fault, detailed above) nevertheless it was thought right to take the opportunity to remedy the problem.

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