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KSC2 Live RPM “Workaround”

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A user has been in contact and asked if there is a way to read the live RPM output and the live Knock Sensor output in the KSC2 app without resetting the RPM points for the knock sensor volume thresholds.

The answer is yes. The solution is not elegant but it does the job.

If you are not familiar with the Baseline Calibration feature here is a screenshot from the Knock Sensor Controller 3 app.

RPM points 1800, 3200 and 4200 for the specific engine

By pressing “On” we can see the live RPM and Knock Sensor input. However if we then press “Off” (when not doing a calibration run), our RPM points are erased.

Live RPM and Knock Sensor readings


To be able to see the RPM and Live Knock sensor input without resetting the RPM points, it is safe to simply exit the app instead of pressing the “Off” button. This should keep the RPM points untouched.

The app can be exited by simply holding the red bar at the bottom of the app screen twice.

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