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Intercooler Water Sprayer – The biggest problems

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Traditional intercooler water sprayers rely on the driver activating the spray manually. A number of issues with this

Problems with a typical intercooler sprayer

Manual activation. Difficult and inconvenient for the driver to consistently wet their intercooler when they are driving, especially in race conditions

Wasting water. Uncontrolled spraying can waste water ie spraying when it is not necessary.

Installation in cabin. Running switches into the cabin adds complexity to the installation, especially if more than one switch is used.

Slow response. Water spraying of an intercooler needs to be done in advance. It takes time for the water to spread to the inside on the intercooler core. The intercooler needs to be constantly wetted or wetted in advance so the evaporative cooling effect is working when you need it.

If you want to solve these issues, check out the MoviChip ISM

ISM Solutions

Automatic activation. The MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager lets you program the conditions under which the intercooler should be sprayed. It is a fit and forget product. Program the settings you need, close the app and then any time you use the car the unit will spray the intercooler in the background. No need for any intervention from the driver except for filling the tank with water.

Maximise water. With the MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager (ISM) you can set your “ontime” for spraying and your “offtime” for spraying, plus the conditions when you spray. In short you can keep the water spraying to the absolute minimum you need for increased cooling performance.

Easier Installation. The ISM is mounted in the engine bay and is programmed via Bluetooth using the Android App. There is no need to mount buttons or switches on the dashboard.

Immediate response. The ISM lets you constantly keep your intercooler wetted, the intercooler is constantly benefiting from the evaporative cooling effect. Your intercooler is primed and ready.

Using an intercooler sprayer kit without a controller

Generally all kits are activated by a button on the dash, even the factory fitted sprayers work the same way, the 2018 Subaru Impreza STI for example.

This activation method is completely unsuitable in race conditions.

The driver cannot constantly monitor engine parameters to choose when is the best time to spray the intercooler and how long to spray the intercooler for.

When you are driving fast there are more pressing matters to deal with.

Like the driving the car.

The MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager (ISM) is completely self contained in the engine bay, automates the entire intercooler spraying process and needs no input from the driver. It is a fit and forget item (you just need to keep the water tank filled!)

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