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RPM vs Engine Knock – RPM Setup on KSC3

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The KSC3 knock sensor ECU uses RPM to enable a variable engine knock threshold. This article shows how to set the RPM signal up.

It’s a very straightforward process.

When you order the KSC3 you will specify if you are using a 12v RPM signal or a 5v RPM signal.

When you receive your product the setup process is the same.

You connect your RPM signal to the KSC3 RPM input.

Choosing RPM setting. How many signals per engine revolution will the KSC3 receive

Go to the “RPM Calibration” section of the KSC3 app and enter how many RPM signals the KSC3 will be receiving per revolution of the engine. For example it you are using the signal from a coil-on-plug, there will be 0.5 signals per 360 revolution of the engine.

Setting up a KSC3 on a VAG 1.8T motor

And that is the RPM setup.

Use the “Test” function in the app to confirm the RPM is correct.

For more information on setting on the KSC3, you can find articles here and videos here.

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