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This is a free lap timer app inspired by Gran Turismo.

You get live splits as you cross the timing points on the lap/route. The app tells you if you are up or down versus your best lap at each split. Like Gran Turismo.

Getting Started

This is a run down of how to get started timing your lap/route.

  1. Turn on location in Android device
  2. Open TimeTrial2 BASIC lap timing app
  3. Hit the “CAL” button, choose the units and the GPS accuracy you need. 1 or 2 are a good starting point. If you find your start/finish line or split points are not being measured, try a larger number.
  4. Hit “GPS On”
  5. Hit “DIG”. Check your Android phone/tablet is receiving GPS data
  6. Hit “Set”. Enter a circuit name & click “Store”
  7. Enter the Start Point, at least the location of Split 1 and the Finish Point (same as Start Point on a circuit). How to find GPS coordinates.
  8. Hit “Set” to close window.
  9. Hit “LIVE”. Time Trial 2 BASIC is now ready to start recording times. Best lap time will automatically be stored.

Closing App

To close the app, hit “CAL” and hit “Yes” to close the app.

Why did MoviChip make a Lap Timing App?

We wanted to record our lap times quickly and easily and we wanted the time updates to be shown at our chosen points on the lap/route. Like Gran Turismo.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find an app that was easy to use and/or did what we wanted.

There is a review of lap timers here. We did this review before developing MoviChip Time Trial. We wanted to see which was the best app available.

Unfortunately having live splits appear on the phone as you drive around the lap (like the lap time in Gran Turismo) seemed difficult to find.

We tried Track Addict and RaceChrono but while these lap timer apps looked great, they seemed unnecessarily complicated/unreliable for something as simple as timing a laps

We tried a few different Android GPS lap timers but as it shows in the video, at least in our experience, they either didn’t do what we wanted, were unreliable or both hence our motivation to make our own.

So we came up with our own lap timing app, MoviChip Time Trial.

You put in your start point, finish point and at least one split point and that’s it.

Once you have a completed you first lap or route, the time is stored and every time you drive your chosen lap/route you get an update plus or minus your best time at your chosen timing/split points. Just like in Gran Turismo.

Time Trial2 Lap Timer – Accuracy

+/- 1.5 seconds – A clear view of the sky helps accuracy a lot.

Time Trial2 Lap Timer – Permissions

Phone storage – To store times, laps and routes
Location – To access GPS signal

Free Lap Timer – Why is TT2 Basic, Free?

  1. Accuracy to around 1.5 seconds.
  2. Try before you buy. Try the Basic Edition to see if you are happy with the way it works. If you need more accuracy, there is a paid version called Time Trial 2 EVO. This works on the same architecture as the Basic Edition but accuracy is down to 0.17 seconds on average. If Basic works on your phone then so will the EVO edition.

Better Accuracy

This is a free lap timer. You can see how it works and how accurate it is. Accuracy is to around 1.5 seconds. If you need better accuracy we have the Time Trial 2 EVO lap timer app which is accurate to around 0.17 seconds on average.

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