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Product Notification – Bluetooth & Unused Inputs

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I want to address two issues in this article, both of which should have been covered in our instruction manuals but weren’t.

1.Bluetooth Module

Occasionally we get a situation where the customer has just received the product and has heard something loose inside the case.

They open the case, see a loose piece (the Bluetooth Antenna) inside and ask us where it should go.

It seems that some parcels get knocked around a lot during shipping and this Bluetooth antenna becomes detached from the board and needs to be reattached.

The Bluetooth antenna is deliberately detachable, (if for some reason a customer wants to remove it under normal use) but we have failed to detail this in the instruction manuals so my apologies.

Generally we can recommend leaving the antenna attached unless there is a special reason not to.

I’m not sure if this is a common problem and people don’t contact us but if you have this issue ie something being loose in the case and you are not sure what needs to be done, send us an email.

We will also take some measures to try and stop the antenna becoming detached during shipping in future.

2.Unstable Sensor Inputs

If you are not using one of the sensor inputs, that input will be unstable which can been seen through the App.

If this instability is an issue for you there are two solutions.

One, set the threshold for that sensor to its maximum or minimum (according to your requirements) through the App or

Two, connect that input to ground.

These are probably obvious solutions but we have not detailed this issue in the instruction manuals. Again, my apologies.

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