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New Product – Knock Sensor Controller

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The latest product in development is the Knock Sensor Controller 2 (KSC2).

This product will monitor and control a knock sensor.

It will measure the signals coming from the knock sensor and when the user defined threshold are exceeded, it will output a signal to an external ECU and/or a LED (for a visual indication).

The signals that will count as a knock event are user defined. The knock signal trigger thresholds are also user defined.

At the moment we are finalising the customisable parameters that we will include. We are also deciding if we should offer a product which includes the knock sensor and one product that does not.

For the product that does not include the knock sensor we will recommend a manufacturer part number.

At the time of writing, we are looking at a release date of November 1st.

We will be releasing more specs and screenshots of the app over the next few weeks.

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