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MoviChip CamSwitch – Overview

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An overview of the MoviChip CamSwitch

What the product does

The MoviChip CamSwitch allows you to trigger up to two camshafts, which use a 12v activation source, independently and conditionally using up to two 5 volt sensors and RPM

From the video – Along the top are the settings menus.

RPM, self explanatory, press + or – to set the RPM you want each cam to activate at

Same routine with Sensor 1 and Sensor 2.

Order of activation

Sensor 1 > RPM > Sensor 2


When Sensor 1 signal is less than the signal 1, relay 1 threshold. Both cams deactivate together


The names of sensor 1 and sensor 2 can be customised using the options menu

The colour of the indication bars for the sensor 1 and sensor 2 reading can be customised

The colour of the trigger boxes can also be customised

For more information about the product, click here


General Information

How to order


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