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Engine Knock Threshold – KSC3 Setup

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After identifying the engine knock frequency, we move on to identifying the baseline volume of the knock frequency when the engine is not knocking.

In the previous article we defined out knock frequency window. In this video we find the “normal” volume for this frequency window when the engine is not knocking. When the KSC3 detects a volume that exceeds our volume threshold, the KSC3 will count the condition as engine knock and output a PWM 12v signal for power LEDs and a 0-5v signal for external datalogger/ECU.

The Process – Setting Knock Threshold

1-Have engine in a state where it will not knock under full power from idle to redline
2-Switch baseline calibration to “On” and complete full throttle run from low rpm to redline. Click off before lifting throttle.
3-Adjust saved volume values according to “Peak” volume recorded.
4-Repeat process as many times as necessary

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