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Lap Timer App – Verification Testing

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Lap timer app accuracy testing. Time Trial 2 EVO

We tested the Time Trial 2 EVO lap timer app as being accurate to within +/- 0.41 seconds of the Racelogic Performance Box with an average accuracy of +/- 0.17 seconds

Verifying the accuracy of the Time Trial 2 EVO lap timer app versus the Racelogic Performance Box

The Time Trial 2 EVO has the same basic layout and functionality as the free lap timer app Time Trial 2 BASIC with the difference being the increased accuracy.

Lap Timer Accuracy

The Time Trial 2 BASIC has an accuracy of +/- 1.5 seconds whereas the EVO version has an average accuracy +/- 0.17 seconds. All times relative to the Racelogic Performance Box.

Which App to Choose? BASIC or EVO?

If you want to check the compatibility of the Time Trial apps with your phone try the BASIC version first. It is free to download.

If you are happy with it’s operation but you want something with higher accuracy buy the EVO version of the app.

Apart from accuracy the EVO edition has larger fonts on the timing screen for the split times and for the speed data.

Why Racelogic?

Why are we comparing our products against the Racelogic Performance Box?

Arguably, Racelogic are the gold standard when it comes to GPS lap timing products. For maximum accuracy we want to compare our products with the best

Why aren’t your products as accurate as the Racelogic?

Short answer is the Racelogic Performance Box uses a 10hz GPS receiver whereas most if not all Android devices use a 1hz GPS receiver

Long answer….

The Racelogic Performance Box uses an 10hz GPS sensor. Our lap timers apps are designed to work with Android devices without any external accessories, unfortunately the majority of Android devices are equipped with a 1hz GPS sensor.

The Time Trial BASIC app uses the raw GPS signal which gives an accuracy of +/- 1.5 seconds.

The Time Trial EVO app uses an algorithm to extrapolate locations and times which gives us an average accuracy* versus the Performance Box of +/- 0.17 seconds. At this time this is the most accurate we can get with a 1hz sensor. We have exceeded our accuracy targets for this product. The accuracy target was +/- 0.5 seconds.

*Accuracy measurements comes from our testing. Your results may vary depending on Android device, mounting position, weather and other environmental factors.

Read more about GPS here

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