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Bluetooth Connection Issue – KSC2

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Movichip news. KSC2 BT connection issue.

Some customers have reported that, even after following the instructions in the manual, the KSC2 app will not connect to the KSC2 unit.

The symptoms of the issue are as follows

After completing the pairing procedure through the settings menu of the phone (not in the app), the KSC2 unit is visible to the phone.

Clicking Bluetooth in the KSC2 app, the list of Bluetooth devices includes the KSC2 unit, but clicking on “KSC2” does not result in the app connecting to the KSC2 unit.

The issue is due to the KSC2 app permissions.

To solve the issue, open the permissions for the KSC2 app through the settings menu of the Android device and select the permission that makes the KSC2 app visible to nearby devices. With this permission set, the KSC2 app connects to the unit. Click Bluetooth in the app, select KSC2 and the device connects to the Android device.

This does not happen with all Android devices, but some Android devices require this extra step.

These steps may also applicable to legacy MoviChip products, although this issue has only been raised with the KSC2.

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