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AutoPowerTuner – Development News – Circuit Board Testing

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MoviChip CamSwitch Unit. Mounts in engine bay

MoviChip CamSwitch Unit. Mounts in engine bay

This is a quick progress/development update on the AutoPowerTuner.

We have just received the production (if testing goes well!) circuit boards for the product.

Our next steps are to confirm fitment of the modules and obviously to confirm there are no unforseen issues with the layout.

We will be doing the final testing over the next 4-6 weeks, our aim is to release the product at the end of August 2018.

The name of the product is not finalised so if you have any suggestions, send us an email!

Another development we are considering with the product is to add another setting for engine load. At the moment we have low load AFR target and a high load AFR target. At the moment we are happy that this covers all the bases but adding an extra medium load setting is something we are considering, again, if you have any suggestions send us an email.

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