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How Important Are AFRs For Engine Power?

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HP Academy has done another great video experimenting with different AFRs to see which gives the most torque and perhaps most importantly, how precise does the AFR need to be to get maximum power.Andre goes the extra yard with a steady state demonstration on their MainLine dyno plus some full power runs with different AFRs. Both tests done on a 350Z

Test 1 – Steady State

In the first test Andre holds the car at a set RPM and alters the AFR/Lambda to show what difference this makes to the torque. The results show that the torque remains pretty constant between 0.87 Lambda to 1 Lambda (12.7AFR to 14.7AFR).

Either side of this plateau the torque drops off noticeably.

Test 2 – Power Runs

In the second test, Andre does three power runs with 0.85 Lambda, 0.9 Lambda and 0.95 Lambda. The power for each of these three power runs is almost identical.

In short,

There is no reason to choose a lean mixture to get maximum power. Use a sensibly rich AFR/Lambda and put some safety into your map, it won’t cost you power in a noticeable way.

Here is the video


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