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UPDATE – CamSwitch3

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From 7.12.2019 we will stop shipping the MoviChip Camswitch2.

It will be replaced by the CamSwitch3 which will be available in around 6 weeks. We try not to send out a product we know will be superseded in the near future and that is why we have stopped taking orders for the CamSwitch2.

If you still want to order the CamSwitch2 even though it will be superseded in the next month or two, we will take your order but you will need to order with email.

What hasn’t changed?

The features of the CamSwitch2 will be exactly the same as the original ie up to 3D (RPM+ MAP+ MAF) conditional VVL camshaft activation (or any system that is activated with a 12v signal).

What has changed?

The CamSwitch3 will use newer, more responsive hardware, it will also have more future proofing built into it. Future proofing meaning the capability to accept more sensor inputs.

I will give an update on the website when the new model is ready to ship.

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