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Intercooler Water Spray or Bigger Intercooler?

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Buying an upgraded intercooler can be expensive and the benefits are not a sure thing.

For example Mosselman did a very comprehensive test of aftermarket intercoolers versus the stock intercooler on a BMW 135i N54 engine.

The conclusion was the factory intercooler was very good for its size and it was difficult to improve upon regarding the pressure loss through the intercooler. Out of the three aftermarket intercooler “upgrades” in the test, one of them performed worse than the original intercooler because of the pressure loss.

And this is where the MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager comes in. 

The MoviChip Intercooler Spray Manager is designed to harness the R&D that the car manufacturer put into the stock intercooler but maximise it’s performance.

In the Mosselman intercooler test the only real issue with the BMW intercooler was its small size. By spraying an intercooler with water we can effectively increase its cooling effectiveness, its like adding extra mass to the intercooler. Water can get an intercooler to perform like it is bigger than it really is.

The extra benefit of an intercooler water sprayer being it is much cheaper than an aftermarket intercooler and much easier to fit.

And if you already have an upgraded intercooler, a intercooler water sprayer kit combined with our ISM, can improve the performance of even a good aftermarket intercooler.

In short. Everyone can benefit from an intercooler water sprayer regardless of what intercooler they have but obviously smaller intercoolers benefit more.

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