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VVL Activation with MoviChip CamSwitch

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The MoviChip CamSwitch activates one or two camshafts independently, VVL activation can be done according to one or two 5 volt sensor readings and/or RPM.

The two camshafts on the SR20VE are designed to be triggered independently. Nissan did this to make the activation of the cams smoother.

The MoviChip CamSwitch gives you the ability to trigger each camshaft with up to 3 layers of conditionality.

Sensor 1 – We recommend this sensor is a MAP sensor. Don’t have a MAP sensor on your car from the factory? No problem, the CamSwitch has a 5 volt power supply to power the MAP sensor of your choice.

RPM – Use any 5 volt timing signal, eg camshaft or crankshaft

Sensor 2 – This can be any sensor of your choice that outputs a 5 volt signal. You can use the MAF sensor so the cams will only activate when the airflow into the engine reaches a certain threshold, a temperature signal so the cams will only activate when engine temps reach a certain level, and so on.

VVL Activation – The cam activation process.

Step 1 – The CamSwitch waits until the set thresholds are met for sensor 1

Step 2 – When the sensor 1 threshold is met, the CamSwitch will look at RPM.

Step 3 – When the RPM threshold is met, the CamSwitch will look at sensor 2

Step 4 – When the sensor 2 threshold is met the cam is activated.

You can set difference threshold values for each cam.

VVL Activation – How to enter the settings

We supply the CamSwitch with an Android app. You enter the threshold using the app. When the settings have been set, you don’t need to use the app again. You only need to use the app for adjusting the settings.

The engine bay contains the CamSwtich, there are no wires to run into the passenger compartment and there is nothing to mount in the passenger compartment.

If you only have one cam to activate

Set the threshold for relay one as normal. Set the threshold for relay two to their maximum

I only want to use 1 sensor

No problem, which ever sensor you do not want to use, just set the threshold value to the maximum.

Cam deactivation

When the threshold for relay one & sensor one is not met, both cams deactivate together

Cams activated between gearchanges

Choose how long it takes for the cams to deactivate. Choose between zero and five seconds in half second increments

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