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KSC3 – Reading the LED (without engine ECU connected)

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KSC Knock Sensor ECU contents view

KSC Knock Sensor ECU contents view

The KSC3 knock detection ECU can be run in two basic formats. One where we have both the LED and the output to the engine ECU connected.

The other is where we just use the LED indication.

The LED colours tell us two different stories depending on the setup we are running.

LED and Engine ECU Connected

If we are running with the LED and the engine ECU output connected, this article goes in-depth on what the LED colour tells us.

Only LED Connected

If we are only using the LED output from the KSC3.

Ignition Timing Guidance

If we are just running the LED, the LEDs cannot tell us or give us an idea of how much ignition could be retarded by to eliminate knock.

Knock Severity

When the LED flashes on, the initial colour shown tells us the Level of knock above the threshold that the KSC3 has detected.

If the LED changes colour immediately after the LED comes on, or generally changes colour before the LED goes out, the next colour tells us nothing about the level of knock. It could be worse, it might be the same.

Knock Occurrences

The above scenario, where the LED comes on and changes colour before going out, the only thing this tells us is that the KSC3 has detected knock more than once during the Knock Indication Period.

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