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Dynamic Radiator Fan Control with CAMIT

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How to control your radiator fan or radiator fans dynamically with CAMIT

Example 1 – Dual Fans

Car has two radiator fans which can be activated independently from the factory

USING AN EXTERNAL AUTOMOTIVE RELAY Connect one fan via the external relay to Relay 1 in the CAMIT, the other fan via an external relay to Relay 2 in the CAMIT.

NOTE: Maximum current for the internal relays on the CAMIT is 2.5 amps per channel.

The fans can be activated according to a 5 volt temperature sensor of your choice eg water temperature sensor

Trigger fan one when temperature reaches 0.5v and the second fan when temperature reaches 0.6v

If you only want it to trigger to according water temp, set RPM and Sensor 2 trigger levels to 0

Example 2 – Conditionality

You can also add conditionality so instead of just activating against water temp you can also add ANY other 5 volt signal input.

Honestly, I cant think why you would use any other sensor for triggering the radiator fans but you could if you wanted. Eg you could also use oil temp. Oil temp also needs to be above X temp before water temp sensor signal is looked at.

Example 3 – Extreme

Extreme use. You can use one of the relays on the CAMIT to trigger the radiator fan or fans and use the other relay to trigger a radiator water sprayer for extreme conditions.

For example, radiator fan set to trigger when water temp signal reaches 2.5 volts. Trigger a water sprayer system when the water temperature sensor signal reaches 3 volts. But bear in mind, with this, the watersprayer would only turn off after the temp drops below the target.


For radiator fan control I would stick to one sensor ie water temp.

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