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MAF Tuning Automatically

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MAF curve

MAF Tuning & Scaling

MAF tuning with the MoviChip AutoMAF

AutoMAF works by taking the signal from a wideband lambda sensor and automatically alters the MAF scale to get the AFR you chose.

AutoMAF uses two independent MAF scales, one for low engine load and one for high engine load.

For example, in light throttle and cruise conditions you can select a 15:1 AFR and at higher loads select a 12:5 AFR.

AutoMAF Programming

You program the MoviChip AutoMAF with the AutoMAF Android App (through Bluetooth). You select which MAP sensor value you want to be the divider between low load and high and you select the AFR you want to get at low load and high load.

The AutoMAF will automatically scale the MAF signal to achieve the AFRs.

AutoMAF Installation

You install the AutoMAF unit in the engine bay and no wires need to be run into the passenger compartment.

Connections – The AutoMAF:

Intercepts the engine’s MAF sensor signal

Taps into the engine’s MAP sensor signal (on board power for a 5 volt external sensor is provided by the AutoMAF if your engine does not have a MAP sensor from the factory)

Gets power from a switched 12 volt power supply which is fused with a 1 amp fuse

Intercepts or receives a 5 volt wideband lambda signal (we recommend Innovate Motorsports products)

MAF Tuning

MAF tuning is automatic, the AutoMAF does the calculations for you as you drive

The process

-Get your engine up to normal operating temperature

-Set the unit to use the Wideband lambda signal with the App

-Drive the car using load low and high load until the multipliers displayed in the App stabilise

-Enter the multipler number into the “Set” menu and set “Use Wideband” to “No”

You have now tuned your MAF sensor.

MAF Tuning – Why do it?

Use a different MAF sensor with your engine

You have changed the size of your injectors

You want to use a better AFR at high engine load to get more power

To get better fuel efficiency

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