MOVICHIP – CamSwitch2 – VVL/VTEC Super Dynamic Cam Control [DISCONTINUED, see CAMSWITCH3]

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Complete control of camshaft activation for Nissan VVL/Honda VTEC and any camshaft switching/solenoid that uses 12V for ON-OFF activation.

This product will be superseded by the CamSwitch3, subscribe to our newsletter for more information

Activate up to two camshafts ie intake cam and exhaust cam independently

Activation based on up to two 5 volt sensor signals and/or RPM

Settings inputted via Bluetooth App

Usage Examples

Cam Shaft Activation Example

Intake cam activation

At 50% MAP signal and 5000rpm and 50% MAF signal

and at the same time

exhaust cam activation based on

60% MAP signal and 5200RPM and 70% MAF signal

Deactivation of both cams occurs simultaneously according to Intake cam parameters.

Example (using the above data)

When MAP signal reaches 45% (ie 5% less than the MAP/sensor 1 trigger value), BOTH cams will be deactivated together.


Adjustable delay for switch off.

Choose between 0 & 5 seconds. If you have periods of part throttle but you want to keep the cams activated for next application of the throttle.

RPM setup

Any 0-5v crank or cam signal can be used for RPM. CamSwitch App allows the user to calibrate the RPM easily


CamSwitch App includes seperate menu to test cam activation when engine is not running.

External Sensor Power

Power an external 5v sensor with the CamSwitch eg use it to power a MAP sensor for cars which do not have one from the factory.


Customise the name of the Intake and Exhaust cams if you are using CamSwitch2 to trigger things other than 12v camshaft solenoids eg intercooler sprayer, exhaust valve

Customise the bar colours which indicate sensor percentage

Customise the colour of the display which shows when cam/solenoid is activated.

Bluetooth Cross Checking

We see many Bluetooth products which simply send the signal to the device and assume the device has received the signal solely based on the fact that the two devices are connected. In our experience this can be unreliable and can lead to large differences between anticipated setting.

The CamSwitch2 App will send the signal to the main unit, it will then wait for the unit to reply with the new setting BEFORE displaying the new setting on the CamSwitch2 App. This way you know that the setting displayed on the CamSwitch2 App is real. The downside of this cross checking is a display that is slightly slower to update but we believe accuracy is worth the tradeoff.

Technical Specs

Max current for main control unit 1 amp

Max current for each cam/solenoid activation channel 3 amps

Max input voltage for main control unit 15 volts

Max input voltage for cam/solenoid activation 24 volts

Product is not water proof. It should be mounted away from obvious sources of heat and moisture with connector facing down. Do not enclose in a plastic bag as it can trap moisture.

System Capabilities

-Trigger up to two 12v solenoids

(Maximum amp draw 3 amp per solenoid)

-Trigger each solenoid independently according to MAP and/or RPM and/or MAF (or use any two 5 volt sensors you wish)

-On board power for one 5 volt sensor (if you need an extra sensor, eg MAP on normally aspirated car)

-Fine tune RPM signal

-Customise the name of the sensors

-Customise the delay for the cams closing eg  when trigger conditions are no longer met, how long should system wait before closing solenoids (eg to keep cams/solenoids on between gearchanges)

-Test solenoid activation without engine running

-Visual indication of cam activation through Android App (primarily for diagnostic purposes)

-Visual indication when thresholds met through Android App (primarily for diagnostic purposes)

System Requirements

12 volt power supply

5v timing sensor signal, Hall (for triggering according to RPM)

Up to two 5 volt sensors

Android mobile phone with Bluetooth – NOT Supplied

CamSwitch Android App – Supplied

How it Works

All settings are done through the CamSwitch Android application

Trigger points are set by selecting a percentage of 5 volts (so product is compatible with 5 volt sensors)

RPM trigger points is set use 200 rpm increments

An example. You want to trigger the intake cam with minimum 50% throttle (MAP) at a minimum of 4000 rpm with a minimum of 50% of maximum flow according to the MAF sensor.

CamSwitch2 will first look at the MAP signal. When it reaches 50%..

CamSwitch2 will look at RPM to set if that meets the minimum condition. When RPM also reaches its minimum threshold…

CamSwitch2 will look at the MAF sensor & when this reaches the minimum threshold, the intake cam solenoid will be activated

The exhaust cam will follow the same procedure.

When SENSOR 1 falls below the minimum threshold BOTH solenoids will be turned of together. ONLY when sensor 1 drop below the minimum threshold will BOTH solenoids be deactivated.

What is Included

The CamSwitch2 control unit

Connectors & Crimps

CamSwitch2 Android App

What is Not Included


Crimping tool



System works as SENSOR 1 and SENSOR 2. You can use whichever sensor you want as each sensor eg SENSOR 1 can be a MAF sensor or a MAP sensor or any other 5v sensor you wish.

You can customise the name of each sensor in the App


When connected to the App, the more sensor readings and the more information you want displayed on your Android device, the slower the response of the unit. This is limit by the Bluetooth connection speed.

In normal driving we recommend not using the App or only using the App to display sensor readings and NOT trigger settings. Due to the amount of settings available, they will slow the response of the unit. CamSwitch2 is not a substitute for dedicated gauges


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