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-A wideband lambda sensor with a 0-5 volt signal output to connect to the AutoMAF (if you want to use the live automatic tuning option)

-An Android smartphone with Bluetooth (to run the MAF Manager Android App)

For all vehicles we recommend having a separate gauge to monitor the lambda sensor when you are driving.


-Control Unit which mounts in the engine bay
-Connector (use the dropdown to choose if want a pre-populated connector or if you want to build your own wiring loom)
-Android App
-Instruction Manual with Wiring Pin Out Guide for connector (Download from this page, click the “Manual” tab)

What Else Do I Need?

Cables to make your loom (if you selected “bare connector” option)
Crimping tool (if you selected the “bare connector” option)
Android device with Bluetooth connection
Knowledge of automotive wiring and relevant tools so you can wire the product to the vehicle

MAF Manager – What do I need to do to get the product up and running?

-Install the MoviChip MAF Manager Android App on your phone
-Make up your wiring loom using the pinout guide
-Connect the unit the car
-Turn on car’s ignition
-Form the setting menu on you Android device, pair your device with the MAF Manager
-Open MAF Manager app
-Set your load points
-Set your approximate MAF scaling values

If you want to use the auto tune feature continue below, if not you are done!

-Set your target AFR values
-Switch the auto tuning feature on

If you want to use the MAF lock feature

-Set your Max MAF signal
-Set the load point for fixed idle MAF signal output (if you only want to set the max MAF value set this value as 0)
-Set the fixed MAF output signal

For more information see the product manual.

Using a different MAF sensor from stock

The operating range of the new MAF sensor should be the same as the original sensor ie if the minimum voltage and maximum voltage of the original sensor then the new sensor should have the same minimum and maximum voltage.

Hypothetically this should be enough to use the MAF manager but we cannot guarantee that the MAF Manager will work with any replacement MAF sensor that is not the same as the original.

This is the new case

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Android App

Click the link to download the MAF Manager App (You must have the MAF Manager product for the app to work)

Most recent versions are at the top. Check the paperwork with your product to see the appropriate app from your model.

Download https://movichip.com/media/MM20_2010091633.apk



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Manual - MAF Manager 2

Click the link at the bottom to download the manual for your product

Manual download https://movichip.com/media/MM2_201012.pdf




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