Ignition Timing Manager – Advance or Retard Ignition Timing – IN DEVELOPMENT

Our goal with Ignition Timing Manager is to make the process of adjusting ignition timing as easy as possible.

The unit needs the original timing trigger signal (1 to 4 inputs) and a five volt input eg MAP sensor input.

The Ignition Timing Manager intercepts the ignition signals going to your coil packs/ distributor from the car’s ECU and advances or delays the signals according to the settings you have chosen using the Android Application.

The unit will work with up to four ignition signals.

No other part of the engine is effected so you need to be sure the settings you are entering correct. Incorrect setting of the Ignition Timing Manager can cause catastrophic damage to the engine if ignition timing is advanced too far, this is especially true on turbocharged engines.

We are aiming for a retail price of 150 Euro ex VAT for this product.

We expect the product to be available to ship in January 2020.

Who is this product designed for?

Anyone who wishes to alter the ignition timing of their engine without physically remapping their engine software.

The unit will be supplied with a blank connector, the customer will create their own loom using the pin out diagram we supply with the unit.

The customer will need to decided if they want to physically tap into the car’s original wiring loom or use male/female connector to intercept the factory loom to create an installtion that can be easily reversed.

MoviChip products are intended for users who are experienced in vehicle wiring eg crimping, soldering, reading wiring diagrams and users who are able to supply their own connectors if an easily reversible installation is what they desire.

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