CamSwitch3 – 3D Sequential Camshaft Activation (VVL/VTEC etc)


Activate up to two camshafts independently on engines which use dual profile camshafts, specifically Nissan’s VVL/Honda VTEC

Camshafts profiles can be switched according to two 0-5v sensor signals and/or RPM.

CamSwitch 3 can also trigger any device which is switched on with a 12 volt source and which uses less than 3 amps.


Trigger up to two camshafts independently according to two sensors and RPM


Maximise power

What’s Included

CamSwitch3 Engine Bay Mounted Unit

CamSwitch3 Android App


Wiring Loom if Ordered

A minimum of one 0-5v sensor

Manual & App

Manual –

App –

Example Usage

Activation Conditions

-Camshaft 1 activation at 30% MAP sensor signal & over 5000 rpm & coolant temp sensor over 70% signal

-Camshaft 2 activation at 30% MAP sensor signal & over 5500 rpm & coolant temp sensor over 70% signal


Deactivation for both camshafts will happen at the same time one second after MAP sensor signal drops below 30% MAP or RPM drops below 5000rpm.



1 x power 12-24 volts with 1 amp inline fuse (fuse not included)

2 x 5 volt sensor inputs

1 x 5 volt timing signal. 1,2,3 or 4 sparks per engine revolution


2 x 12 volt output with 5 amp inline fuse on positive (fuse not included). Permanent 12 volt to solenoid/motor, switch on negative side.

2 x 5 volt output. For external sensors eg you want to use a MAP sensor but engine does not have one. 0.5 amp current draw maximum per sensor.

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram and instructions can be found in the user manual which can be downloaded in PDF


This video shows the process of setting up your cam switch points. The interface is from the CamSwitch1.

The CamSwitch3 interface is slightly different but the principles are the same

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Q. Do I have to trigger two camshafts?

A. No. If you just need to trigger one camshaft, just connect one camshaft!

Q. Can I use it to activate other things?

A. Sure but you need to familiarise yourself with the way the relays are activated and how they are deactivated. From an electrical point of view the maximum current draw for the relays in 3 amps per relay, 5 amps total. Download the instruction manual for more information.

Q. Do I need to connect my phone to the Cam Switch 3 every time I use the Cam Switch 3?

A. Absolutely not! Connecting to your phone is only for adjusting the trigger settings and to troubleshoot.

99.999% of the time the Cam Switch 3 is a fit and forget device. Wire it up, tune your engine to find the optimum settings and your done, no need to do anything with it until you want to change your settings.

Q. I only need to trigger the camshaft using RPM and one 5 volt sensor signal. Is that possible?

A. Absolutely. Set the trigger threshold for Sensor 2 to zero. If the sensor value for Sensor 2 is bouncing around unacceptably connect the Sensor 1 signal to Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 input on the Cam Switch unit.

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Android App Download

Download the App relevant to your product 

Note: These app will only work when connected to the CamSwitch unit

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