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“Test” Function – KSC3 Knock Sensor ECU

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The KSC3 engine knock detection system contains a “Test” function inside it’s Android app.

Purpose of the Test Function

The purpose of the test function is to confirm the KSC3 is wired correctly and to confirm the readings we are getting from the sensors are plausible.

The Readings

There are four reading shown in the “Test” function app. When the function is turned on the app will receive the RPM of the engine, the signal volume from the knock sensor (“Live K Sensor”), the current knock volume threshold (“K Thresh Live”) and the load on the engine in volts.

First step after wiring up the unit will be to use this Test function. All the numbers should be giving something plausible except “K Thresh Live” which will only show something meaningful when we have setup up our knock detection settings.


In addition to showing these readings on the app, the KSC3 unit will also be outputting a 0-5 volt signal for use with the engine ECU/datalogger and the unit will also be illuminating the LEDs in Blue, Orange and Red colours. If the LEDs are not illuminating or the engine ECU is not receiving the 0-5 volt signal, this indicated an issue with the wiring.

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